~{ Media Area }~

These files are really intended for the press, web-zines or whatever people who needs Fragments Of Unbecoming media for their respective publications. There are however some rules to follow for each file here. Please follow them if you choose to use them.

~{ Logotype }~

// Official Fragments Of Unbecoming logotype

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// Rules

This is the official Fragments Of Unbecoming logotype. There are two ways to use it. As shown here, in black or in a negative presentation, that is to say white tone. A logotype is a trademark, and that can under no circumstances be cut or altered in any way!

~{ Photos }~

// Official promotion pictures

All pictures are high res jpg-files. If you need other files, feel free to contact the band.

download pictures of the entire band
download pictures of Stefan Weimar
download pictures of Sascha Ehrich
download pictures of Wolle Schellenberg
download pictures of Ingo Maier

// Rules

You may cut the images so that it fits your publication but you may NOT cut out any of the members from this photo and you may NOT alter the colors of the image. This is what it is supposed to look like.

~{ Tracks }~

// Yet released song material

All the tracks are zipped mp3-files.

Sterling Black Icon // 2006 complete version

Fragments Of Unbecoming // 2002 edit version

Bloodred Tales // 2002 complete version

Opening My Heaven´s Gate // 2002 edit version

Shapes Of The Pursuers // 2004 complete version

~{ Biographie }~

// Band history

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~{ Input list }~

// For the sound engineer

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~{ Stage plan }~

// For the stage manager

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~{ Linkbanner }~

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