] Skywards [

Chapter II - A Sylphe´s Ascension

// Reviews - English versions

] Silent Stagnation [ 6 out of 7
// Marcel
"Fragments Of Unbecoming are one of the most talented German bands!"
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] Voice Of Reason [
// Tobi
"..."Skywards" is going to be one of the best Death Metal releases in 2004."
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] Live4Metal [
// Scott
"...even though I’m buried in CDs that I still need to listen to and review, I haven’t been able to go a day without spinning this album at least once. I can’t recommend it enough."
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] Metal Reigns [
// Crusher
"Hearing is believing. This is the album every fan of melodic death metal should have. Whatever you buy this year. Make this one of the albums you get. The perfect blend of brutality and melody that has not been created until now. Behold!! The coming of a new dawn is here and Fragments Of Unbecoming will lead the way."
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] Metal Fanatix [
88 out of 100
// Thomas Mitchell
"With death shrieks & acoustic interludes throughout the album, therein lies a promising piece of metal mastery!"
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] Morrigans Pit [
4 out of 5
// Cora
" Definitely a promising debut!"
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] Winter [
8 out of 10
// Christine  Parastatidou
"So, according to me, Fragments Of Unbecoming's music is incredible! Fast and furious melodic death metal with some really catchy riffs."
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] Metal Observer [ 7,5 out of 10
// Ralf
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// Joe

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] Crave Magazine [
// Erik W. Beyer
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] Hit The Pit [ 7 out of 10
// Justin
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] Unboundzine [ 4 out of 5
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