Name: Christopher Körtgen

Date of birth: 1983, March 30th

Member since: July 2009

Fragmental functions: The new guy (now five-string penetrator)

Equipment: Yamaha TRB1005, MarkBass Little Mark F1, Hartke VX15 Box, Elacin ER25 earplugs

Other/former bands: Smilodon (o), Chaos HD (o)

Invariable signification: Always in a good mood

Activities besides FOU: Besides? No time at all, I've got to learn all the songs... ;-) Seriously: climbing and friends!

Funeral song: “Sentenced - Neverlasting"

Precious Artistry:

Musicians: Bart Williams, Rob Flynn

Films: Die Verurteilten, Batman - The Dark Knight, Adams Äpfel, Ong-Bak

Actors: Jason Statham

Authors: Dennis L. McKiernan, Joanne K. Rowling

Artists: -

Favourite instrument(s): Bass! ...and bass! And not to forget the bass!!

Archetypes: Stephan Fimmers, Jeroen Paul Thesseling

Quotation: "Fucking bullshit!"

Favourite FOU-Song: Sterling Black Icon, A voice says: "Destroy!"

Least favourite FOU-Song: -

Favourite colour: coloured ;-)

Favourite drink: Paulaner Helles Hefe

One thing I hate in music business: Waiting for the soundcheck

One thing I like in music business: Performing live

Who should reunite: -

Wished bands to share live experience with: Ignominious Incarceration, The Black Dahlia Murder, One Man Army & the undead Quartet, Dark Tranquillity

Goal with the band: Learn all the songs and perform them live in front of an incredible crowd

The first thing I would like to afford with results of a fictitious success: Climbing the „El Capitan" / Yosemite Valley, heaviest route in one day

Personal slogan: "Stillstand ist der Tod, geh voran, bleibt alles anders."

Source of inspiration: Stefan Meggendorfer and bassplayers who make the bass enjoyable for listeners

Non-Metal top-ten albums:

The Offspring-all

Streetlight Manifesto-Somewhere in between

Eminem-The Marshall Mathers LP

Die Ärzte-Planet Punk

Die toten Hosen-Unsterblich & In aller Stille

3 Doors Down-same

Ignite-Our darkest Days

Incubus-Make yourself

Prodigy-Fat of the Land

Everlast-Eat at Whitey's

Present top-ten albums:

The Black Dahlia Murder-Nocturnal

Dark Tranquillity-Ficition

Dimension Zero-He who shall not bleed

Fragments of Unbecoming-all ;-)

Feast for the Crows-When all seemed to be burned

Devildriver-The fury of our makers hand


Napalm Death-Time waits for no Slave

Ignominious Incarceration-Of winter born

Marduk-Panzer Division Marduk

All-time top-ten albums:

All-time top-ten albums:

The Black Dahlia Murder-Nocturnal

The Black Dahlia Murder-Unhallowed

The Offspring-Ixnay on the Hombre

Cannibal Corpse-Gore obsessed

Cannibal Corpse-The wretched Spawn

Dark Tranquillity-Damage done

Devildriver-The Fury of our Maker's Hand


Misery Index-Retaliate

Criminal-No Gods, no Masters

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