Name: Ingo Maier

Date of birth: 1978, January 4th

Member since: Day one

Fragmental functions: Drums (und Dummgelaber)

Equipment: Pearl, Sabian, Alesis DmPro, Axis Pedals

Other/former bands: Veneral Disease (o), A.K.G. (f)

Invariable signification: Stomach

Activities besides FOU: PC Games, CS ( C&C generals, ET, Wolfenstein, UT2004

Funeral song: Funeral Inception (Suffocation) or ...Only Pus In Your Eyeholes (Veneral Disease)

Precious Artistry:

Musicians: Dave Culross, Derek Roddy, Gene Hoglan, Sean Reinert

Films: Sieben, Krieg der Welten , Abuzze, Star Wars, Aliens, Dawn Of The Dead, Story Of Ricky, Braindead

Actors: Vin Diesel, Harrison Ford, Bruce Willis, Fred Labosch

Authors: Fred Labosch

Artists: Dan Seagrave und de Ehrich

Favourite instrument(s): Drums and Bums

Archetypes: Fred Labosch (hat in einem Jahr über fünfzig Filme gedreht)

Quotation: “Wer Anderen eine Bratwurst brät, hat ein Bratwurstbratgerät!"

Favourite FOU-Song: Bloodred Tales (kurz un knackisch)

Least favourite FOU-Song: Bloodred Tales (slow CD version)

Favourite colour: Lavender

Favourite drink: Cola, Cola Mix, Cola Light, Pepsi, Afri Cola, Pepsi Light, Pepsi Max, Odina Mix

One thing I hate in music business: Too long auto rides to the gig locations, one bass drum standard drumkit

One thing I like in music business: Catering, one bassdrum standard drumkit

Who should reunite: A.K.G.

Wished bands to share live-experience with: Suffocation, Monstrosity, Deeds Of Flesh, Gorgasm, Britney Spears

Goal with the band: Villa, Maybach, Boeing 747

The first thing I would like to afford with results of a fictitious success: Ein riesen Ring Fleischwurst

Slogan: "Ohne Schweiß kein Fuß!"

Source of inspiration: lol

Non-Metal top-ten albums: Gay?

Present top-ten albums:

Gorgasm-Masticate To Dominate

Monstrosity-Rise To Power


Macabre-Murder Metal

Misery Index-Retaliate

Kataklysm-Serenity In Fire


Suffocation-Souls To Deny

Cryptopsy-None So Live

Kreator-Extreme Aggressions

All-time top-ten albums:


Monstrosity-In Dark Purity

Vader-De Profundis


Necrophagist-Onset Of Putrefaction / Demo

Malevolent Creation-Eternal



A.K.G.-Fuss im Darm


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ICQ: 198081673