Name: Sam Anetzberger

Date of birth: 1980, September 28th

Member since: 2004

Fragmental functions: Vocals

Equipment: Shure sm58 and my vocal cords

Other/former bands: Legacy (o)

Invariable signification: Everything is variable - Nothing is for eternity

Activities besides FOU: German language and literature studies and political science, music, party

Funeral song: "Cage around the sun"

Precious Artistry:

Musicians: Jim Morrison, Chuck Schuldiner, Frederik Chopin

Films: Dead Man, Bowling for Columbine, Das Experiment, Mann beißt Hund, Aguirre - der Zorn Gottes

Actors: Johnny Depp, Klaus Kinski, Heinz Becker, Heinz Rühmann

Authors: Jostein Gaarder,  J.R.R. Tolkien, Hermann Hesse, Patrick Süßkind, E.T.A. Hoffmann, Gottfried Benn …

Artists: H.R. Giger, Edvard Munch, Jean Tinguely, Gustave Doré

Favourite instrument(s): Drums, Djembe, Violin

Archetypes: Friedrich Nietzsche ( War seiner Zeit um einiges voraus)

Detestable is: War, G. W. Bush, Nazi- Scum, arrogance, exploitation, fanatism

Quotation: “Der Grundstein bildet die Basis des Fundaments”

Wir müssen die Dinge lustiger nehmen, als sie es verdienen...zumal wir sie lange Zeit ernster genommen haben, als sie es verdienen...“

"Die meisten Menschen legen ihre Kindheit ab wie einen alten Hut. Sie vergessen sie wie eine Telefonnummer, die nicht mehr gilt. Früher waren sie Kinder, dann wurden sie Erwachsene, aber was sind sie nun? Nur wer erwachsen wird und ein Kind bleibt, ist ein Mensch."

Favourite FOU-Song: Fear My Hatred

Least favourite FOU-Song: Insane Chaosphere

Favourite colour: Black (!), green, purple

Favourite drink: Green tea, pure water, red wine, Becks beer

One thing I hate in music business: Business, “starsearch”, “popstars” , worse sound

One thing I like in music business: To perform Gigs!!!

Who should reunite: Pestilence, Kyuss, Carcass

Wished bands to share live-experience with: Motörhead, Hawkwind, Monstrosity, Suffocation

Goal with the band: Self-therapy

The first thing I would like to afford with results of a fictitious success: A big houseboat with a huge arborium

Slogan: “Hen To Pan”

„Wenn die Nacht am tiefsten ist, ist der Tag am nächsten“

Source of inspiration: Reality, nature, sleep

Someone I would like to meet: Dalai Lama

Non-Metal top-ten albums:

Kyuss-…and the circus leaves town

Slo Burn–Amazing the amusing

The Cooper Temple Clause-See through this and leave

Liquid Sound Company-Exploring the psychedelic/ Inside the acid Temple

Monster Magnet–Spine of God / Superjudge/ Dopes to infinity



Queens Of The Stone Age–Songs for the deaf

Baby Woodrose-Money for soul

Radiohead-Kid A

Present top-ten metal albums:

Psycroptic-Scepter of the ancients

Suffocation–Souls to deny 


Soilent Green-Sewn Mouth Secrets

Gorgasm-Masticate To Dominate

Ephel Duath-The painter´s palette

Behemoth-Zos Kia Kultus


Motörhead-On parole

Dead Soul Tribe-same

Exhumed–Anatomy is destiny

All-time top-ten metal albums:



Terrorizer–World Downfall


Asphyx–Last one on earth

Pungent Stench-Club Mondo Bizarre

Pestilence-Testimony of the ancients

Entombed-Wolverine blues

Deicide–Once upon the cross



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