Name: Sascha Ehrich (* Freimuth)

Date of birth: 1978, October 6th

Member since: Day one

Fragmental functions: Electric and acoustic guitars

ENGL Fireball
ENGL Rackhead 860
Gibson Les Paul Gothic
Ibanez Custom USA
ESP Custom deluxe

Other/former bands: October Ethereal (f), Mortified (f), Acrid (f)

Invariable signification: Free-thinker, humor? "Others" perhaps know better.
Notorischer Nichtabonnent von Klingeltönen!

Activities besides FOU: Sylphony Creations, Precious Art, my job as a graphic-designer/prepress-coordinator, so much concerning life and art in general...

Funeral song: "Darkness Walks Beside Me" (Black Sun Aeon) or "When all is said" (Edge Of Sanity) both performed by an orchestra, the first two minutes of “12” (Katatonia) - probably the most depressive riff ever written...

Precious Artistry:

Musicians: Jeff Loomis, Mikael Akerfeldt, Doug Cerrito, Willy Astor (what a combination...), Sarah Svensson, Vortex (for his incredible voice), David Eugene Edwards

Films: Die fabelhafte Welt der Amélie, Kaspar Hauser, Schlafes Bruder, Rivers and Tides, Baal, Faust, Das Experiment, Monty Python (every little detail), Lammbock, Braveheart, Bram Stoker´s Dracula, KeinOhrHasen

Actors: André Eisermann, Jeanette Hain (the voice...), Gary Oldman, Jürgen Vogel, Moritz Bleibtreu, Herbert Knaup, the Monty Pythons, Johny Depp

Kundera - Die unerträgliche Leichtigkeit des Seins
Goethe - Faust I
Brauns - Buntschatten und Fledermäuse
Tolkien - Der kleine Hobbit
Trakl - Gedichte
Rowling - Harry Potter
Brecht - Baal
Nuhr - Gibt es intelligentes Leben?

Artists: Jennifer JL Jones, John Bauer, Phillip Jäger, Connie Imboden, Travis Smith, Zelda, Andy Goldsworthy (I feel so grateful to be able to understand...), Hieronymus Bosch, Friedrich Hechelmann, Niklas Sundin, Dan Seagrave

Favourite instrument(s): 1) Piano, 2) Guitar, 3) Drums, 4) Cello

Archetypes: I honestly avoid level some individuals to archetypes, but dependent on musical, really outstanding talent, I would like to mention Jeff Loomis for being one of the most fascinating guitar players I ever listened to and spent time with. Especially his ability in creating a wide range of different moods and techniques in both lead and rhythm riffing can hardly be described by words.

Detestable is: Disturbance of nature´s equilibrium, arrogance, daily trash and nonsense on TV

"Der Mensch ist ein geborener Nostalgiker, dessen fieberhaft verharrende Leidenschaft für Erinnerung stärker ist, als die Summe allen Willens für Unbekanntes, Folgendes."

“Was glänzt ist für den Augenblick geboren – das Echte bleibt der Nachwelt unverloren.”

“Die ganze Natur ist eine Melodie, in der eine tiefe Harmonie verborgen ist.”

"Erfahrung ist die Weisheit, die uns befähigt, einen Wahn, dem wir bereits gefrönt haben, als unerwünschten alten Bekannten zu erkennen. Hierbei ist die Erinnerung der Unglücklichen größter Luxus."

Favourite FOU-Song: Below All That Is Mortal

Least favourite FOU-Song: Skywards - A Sylphe´s Ascension

Favourite colour: Sterling black, blakk, the combination of black, silver and crimson

Favourite drink: GOLD.AP

One thing I hate in music business: business

One thing I like in music business: music

Who should reunite: Cardinal Sin, Withered Beauty, Vinterland, Lord Belial

Bands I (would) enjoy sharing live-experience with: Edge Of Sanity, Evocation, Deadborn, Within Y, Veneral Disease

Goal with the band: writing the swansong

The first thing I would like to afford with results of a fictitious success: A 1950 Mercedes Benz 170 S Limousine (sterling black finish)

Slogan: "Freiheit bedeutet, seiner Leidenschaft hindernislos und uneingeschränkt nachgehen und kreativ intuitiv walten zu können, gleich, welcher Weg hierbei eingeschlagen wird."

Source of inspiration: Light, nature, freedom, women, music

Someone I would like to meet: Myself in about ten years

Non-Metal top-ten albums:

16 Horsepower-All

Tito & Tarantula-Tarantism


Norah Jones-Not Too Late

Peter Fox-Stadtaffe

From Dusk Til Dawn-Soundtrack

Woven Hand-All

Goldlog-Snug As A Bug In A Rug

Louis Armstrong-All

James Brown-All

NoGo top-ten:



Shania Twain-All


Sportfreunde Stiller-All


Ich & Ich-All

Linkin Park-Minutes To Midnight

Dj Ötzi-All

Melodic Core-All

Present top-ten albums:

Puteraeon-The Esoteric Order

Black Sun Aeon-Darkness walks beside me

Severe Torture-Slaughtered

God Dethroned-Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross

Suffocation-Despise The Sun

Katatonia-Night Is The New Day

Keep Of Kalessin-Armada

Vader-Impressions In Blood

October Tide-A Thin Shell

Resurrection-Embalmed Existence

All-time top-ten albums:

Hate Eternal-Conquering The Throne

Emperor-In The Nightside Eclipse

Abigor-Verwüstung/Invoke The Dark Age

Edge Of Sanity-Spectral Sorrows

At The Gates-Slaughter Of The Soul


Opeth-Morningrise (or Blackwater Park...or Damnation?)

Darkane-Rusted Angel

Nevermore-Dead Heart In A Dead World (although every output is fantastic)

Dimmu Borgir-Puritanical Misanthropic Euphoria

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