~{ Dear Floating Water }~

I wake up in a deep dark night,

Bathed in sweat and can't realize what happened.

My eyes are filled with endless fear,

Making me feel the bitterness of helplessness.

Sorrow overcomes me, what will come, what will be?

In my life nothing has changed,

It's like a path that never ends.

I´m out of hands, I am at the point of no return.


Blind I am, I'm down on my knees,

A new day (will come), a new belief.

These days will pass and (will be) formed by degrees.

The darkest dye a mystery…

It's in my dreams when misery speaks to me,

To forget the past and think of disbelief,

It's like a fucking disease, it's in my head.

My love is dead, I drown in sorrow - it makes me sad.


Come with me, come my friend!

I'll show you how to live and understand.

A line exists between you and me.

Emptiness - your heart will be mine.

I've never thought about what I've done,

But now I'll be gathered by the past.

As far as I can see there's misery,

Father, please give me a chance to be!


I wake up - is this the place I have to go to forget my sins?

I will come - searching for my better way of life.


Blind I am, I'm down on my knees ….. (repeat)


I wake up in a deep dark night ….. (repeat)


// Chorus
Life is a simple thing - dear floating water.

Don't leave me be!

Dear floating water, water, water.......


I wake up ….. (repeat)