~{ A Faint Illumination }~

Betraying wisdom towards sheltering of thou.

For I'm not liar - drenching all my past in you.

Building enemies - the ones that scattered me before,

My world on fire - retaliating undone deeds.


My fate - not just words to bring me down,

Aside - melting withered disacceptance.

Eternal struggle, forcing disgust with redemption.

My dead emotions - showing me this black dimension.


Forsaken dreams I bleed - neither that I'm not awaking.

Can't stand the calling - fervant fears that I have doubted,

The soul devoured - surrendering an endless distrust.

Lost all glory - serving no more altered deride.

A Faint Illumination!


Pleasure of the elder ones - fulfilling obedience,

Enlightening shadows - overwhelming lurking pathway.

My tasteful harmony - scourging lifeless superstition.

A life so disagreed, never to be released…


Betraying wisdom towards sheltering of thou ….. (repeat)


Abandoning the sun – I bleed! Abandoning the sun!


Pleasure of the elder ones ….. (repeat)


A Faint Illumination!


Soilent hereby, whispers crawling upwards silent.

Devotion intense, calling from the darkest inwards.

Scattered ease, falling into unborn sorrows.

Illumination - forgotten source of insane whishes.


Abandoning the sun!