~{ Live For This Moment, Stay `Til The End }~

Burn, burn – out of fire you´ll never walk!
Turn, turn on you liar, try again to stalk!
Bloodstained your wicked vision – a deceiver´s heart,
Forward! Bend! A million needles pierce – a solemn art.

Absence, presence, intense defense,
Efforts to breathe only embitter your state.
Vengeance, welcome the cremation sequence…
Depart, discard! Your downfall´s lying in wait.

Forlorn, forlorn, affliction your glance reflects.
Face the last of competitions!
I grant your fall, the fatal poison injects,
Fading out all insane visions.

Suspense? No chance, no gracious sentence!
Downward, now swallow to the core…
Entrance – step closer to the chasm´s fence,
A free fall into the abyss, to the floor!

// Chorus
Black, black, black, black but shining - your very inside.
To most negative irradiance always aside.
Unshorn? Never! I force your descent,
I live for this moment and stay ´til the end!
´Til the end, I stay `til the end!

Shiver (you) deceiver! Face the facts: we differ.
On the rampage – let me introduce:
Heat of fever, your lights of life they wither,

To blackened ashes they only will reduce.

Forever forgather with this fatal end!
Forever forgather – any last comment?

Forlorn, forlorn, affliction ….. (repeat)

Suspense? No chance….. (repeat)

Chorus (repeat)

Forever forgather with this fatal end!