~{ Stand The Tempest }~

I`ll take my revenge for what you have done,

Your life will be left in my hands.

With all my strength of will,

There's no reason why, surely none will die!


Put your hands in mine - together we stand in pain.

The moment absorbs the time, together we walk through the golden rain.


Put your hands in mine ….. (repeat)


Share your hate with me!

The process of being I can't receive.

The love I gave was not enough.

Up around the land free at last…


// Chorus
Do you know the feeling when your heart gets closed down?

It's like a stab down in your throat // stand the tempest!

There is no reason why, surely some will die.

My time has come, I'll lead you through eternity.


These images that I see appear so strange to me,

All the things with life come forth from the dead.

Can't you hear the screams in me?

I'm dying for the chance to be.

Pleasure in a time of pain and suffering,

…think of my words and be sure they are real!

Can you make it feel? It's your destiny to be!


// Chorus (repeat)


I`ll take my revenge ….. (repeat)


Put your hands in mine ….. (repeat)