~{ Weave Their Barren Path }~ 

Redefining wishes of your past - behold the realm.

Dream by hellspawn withering the mold.

We do not dare the distrust but a wielding life,

Scourged from these displeasing eyes.


No more shelter given from their path.

Disclosure draining skywards - onward and never to be stopped!

I was born to reign and weave their barren path,

A solitude eternally bereaved.


// Chorus
Weave their barren path - sorrounded by disconclusioned minds.

Weave their barren path - retaining all their illuminating rays.


Pray - another words offence,

Stalkers thread - yet felt intense.

Raise - another open end, leaving all my source intent.

Pray - another words offence,

Stalkers thread - not felt intense.

Raise - another gory end, leaving not my source intent.


Pathway all in vain…

Signs of their hell - forever thou molasting.

Carving the stone - embarrassing in slowly (felt) torment,

Disparaged voices tell.


You will never reach the light, undo - or you will burn for me!

My wastelands…
Forgive me - for I have sinned, break me free from my barren path.


Dead dreamers - no one can take them far from me.

Await my voluntary(ness) with deception.

Reborn reality - so faint, mesmerized and buried nowhere,

So free me from your weaving arts!


// Chorus (repeat)


Pray - another words offence ….. (repeat)


Pathway all in vain ….. (repeat)